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What about 1. What about 2. But they do provide some level of statistically motivated guidance: "An inverted yield curve is a leading indicator of a coming recession". When it comes to countries with a heavy debt burden, Japan is a special case as the vast majority of its government debt is owed to Japanese citizens, at very low interest rates from what I understand.

Nonetheless I am expecting the Japanese economy to blow up within the next decade. I would claim that federal finances went out of whack with Ronald Reagan, who grew debt at the fastest rate of any president by far, according to the graph I pointed to. I consider significant deficit spending to be OK when it is needed to climb out of a temporary economic hole, but not at any other times. I have lost enough money on companies that loaded up on debt for "return-on-investment", that these days I very much prefer organic growth, and would like to see the same approach taken by government.

I do credit Agent Orange with trying to extract us from involvement in Afghanistan and Syria, but as far as I am concerned he has gone about it completely the wrong way, by failing to consult with top military brass, failing to consult with our allies, and making announcements on Twitter.

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This is the first time I hear about this. Are there just rumors to that effect, or is there more to it, like an exploratory committee? Not that I would find Mr. Ryan to be a particular appealing choice on the Republican side I am pleased that senator Klobuchar has decided to run on the Democratic side. A hard worker with results to show for it: a record number of her bills passed into law, plus she was a co-sponsor on an above-average number of bipartisan bills.

According to a one-hour show on Minnesota Public Radio she is well-connected in Washington. It seems she would have a strong appeal to working-class and Midwestern voters. Centrist Democratic views. The only item of concern so far is that she has the third-highest staff turn-over of all senators, supposedly due to angry outbursts and other abusive behavior. It appears she took note of hm-us's concern that her last name could be an obstacle for some voters: looking at her campaign signs, she seems to be running simply as "Amy" Schon die Verleihung an Obama war komplett neben der Spur.

Vielleicht sollte man dem Komitee in Zukunft sicherheitshalber die Wodkaration halbieren. Mir fiele nur der einzige fette Nordkoreaner der Welt ein, denn Putin ist keiner. Ich schreibe jetzt nicht, was ich von dem Typen denke, sonst wird der Beitrag gemeldet Jetzt droht Trump, diese Leute freizulassen.

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Etliche Kinder sind in den Lagern schon verstorben, lese ich. Die Kurden haben klar zum Ausdruck gebracht, dass sie diese Gefangenen schnell loswerden wollen.

Dann stelle ich die Frage anders: Kann Trump entscheiden, ob die Kurden die Gefangenen freilassen und hat er die praktische Macht, die Umsetzung dieser Entscheidung zu erzwingen? Die Kurden sind auf jeden Fall wieder mal die gearschten, aber das kennen sie ja nun seit gut Jahren. I had not heard of the Eurasia Group Foundation before, so cannot tell where it might be positioned politically, but its recent survey provides some interesting and pretty detailed insights into the American public's stance on foreign policy issues emphasis in second cited paragraph mine :.

A new, national survey commissioned by the Eurasia Group Foundation EGF reveals the American public supports a more restrained approach to international relations and military interventions. However, this desire for a more focused foreign policy is at odds with the more expansive role generally favored by foreign policy experts.

The prevalence of this Independent America worldview held across every age group, partisan political identification, and income level we surveyed. Clearly, after nearly two decades of U. He is one of the few remaining top officials with lots of experience and competence. It is probably about DT's plans, or lack thereof, to exit Syria.

Or it could be over the newly reported sales of U. National security advisers have counseled DT not to do this - to no avail. If Trump sacks Coats for insubordination, it will be a fresh example of how the President appears more untethered from personal, political and behavioral guardrails than any commander in chief in modern history. In JFK wanted the United States to be the first nation on earth to put a man on the moon - an aspiration that sparked the imagination of the entire country.

Fast forward 50 years and DT apparently wants the United States to be the first nation on earth to put a soldier on the moon. Who knows what that will "spark", but it won't be anything good, I fear. I quit watching most TV when I was in high school.

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I have my browser set so that it doesn't automatically play any embedded video clips. But thanks for the tip about C-span and the panel about the changes in Saudia Arabia I watched that and it was very refreshing. I guess I should properly thank Norbert. Am President Trump said Wednesday the United States would not re-admit an American-born woman who traveled to Syria to join the Islamic State and now wants to come home.

The woman, Hoda Muthana, does not qualify for citizenship and has no legal basis to return to the country, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said. I don't understand how "an American-born woman" can fail to be a US citizen unless she was born in the US as the child of a foreign diplomat, or has officially renounced her citizenship. Are there other exceptional circumstances under which someone born in the US is not automatically a citizen?

It is claimed that she "does not qualify for citizenship"? What does that mean? She isn't. Surely she either is or is not a citizen, and whether anyone believes she "qualifies" is irrelevant.

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I am flabbergasted. Regarding the story about the phone app: Technology is a tool. Every tool can be used for good and for bad. And the answer is different in each case. Das ergibt sich aus dem Zusatz zur amerikanischen Verfassung Hervorhebung von mir :. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof , are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

Das ist nicht ganz richtig. Sie ist die Tochter eines ehemaligen jemenitischen Diplomaten. The notice, signed by a U. The government issued the passport in January , and the travel document was renewed before she left for Syria. Gibt es irgendwelche Beweise oder Hinweise, die darauf hindeuten? In a ruling in Nishikawa v.

Dulles, which arose when American officials denied a passport to a U. Es muss einen Prozess geben. Aber man muss die Gesetze achten, bzw. Das grundlegende Problem ist meiner Meinung nach der Krieg selbst. Wir sind in einem Krieg, der nicht vom Congress deklariert worden ist, wie es die Verfassung eigentlich vorsieht.

Muthana is one of at least 13 people identified as Americans — almost all of them women and children — who are being held in detention camps by Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria. Many of them are facing similar issues as Ms. Muthana does, with their citizenship being challenged on technical grounds. A majority of American men caught on the battlefield were the subject of sealed indictments and have been repatriated to face charges. I was making a general comment as a follow-on to discussion further upstream under which conditions citizenships can be revoked; I was not alleging any particular behavior in the Muthana case.

As far as I understand it, when a naturalized American citizen loses their citizenship because they committed fraud, it is technically not a revocation, but an annulment: Legally they never were a citizen.

Clearly there is some disagreement regarding basic facts here between the American government predating the Trump administration, as you note and the Muthana family. Whether this involved fraudulent representation on the part of the Muthana family is not up to me to decide. That is certainly true. Government officials are allowed to make a determination of non-citizenship and the Muthana family has the right to challenge that decision in court.


Which is precisely what is happening, as I stated in yesterday's post. Reported here, for example:. Ahmed Ali Muthana files suit after officials said New Jersey-born daughter was not a US citizen and would not be allowed home. I don't think this really answers my question. I noticed reporting on Ms.

Muthana US , Ms. Begum UK , and Ms. Lemke Germany that struck me as curiously sympathetic: Lured, groomed, misled. I don't recall such reporting on males that flocked to ISIS. Maybe I missed it. BTW, should Ms Muthana eventually return to the US to stand trial something I am personally in favor of , there is a good chance she'll receive more lenient treatment than male counterparts:. If you're a criminal defendant, it may help -- a lot -- to be a woman.