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Nevertheless, it is a very important to assure that the specific course you take will transfer. We recommend going to the website of the University you plan to attend and view their transfer guide. You may need to speak with a guidance counselor. Feel free to e-mail the AC Concurrent Counselor pjohnson angelina. Can my parent call the teacher about my grade? Federal regulations FERPA prohibit instructors from disclosing performance information about a student to parents without written consent from the student.

AC does have an agreement with the high schools to release final grades through the Counselor Portal to high school counselors. What happens if I miss a lot of classes because of school functions? If you miss class, it is your responsibility to get class materials and contact your instructor for any make-up exams. See the course syllabus for your course for details.

If you are aware that you will miss several classes for sports or other UIL events- you should be advised to not take the class. Excessive absences can lead to you being dropped from the course. Before our records office will send an official transcript, we must have received your final high school transcript which is available only after you graduate high school.

UW-Madison Incomplete (I) Grade Information

Make sure that your high school sends us an official high school transcript if you have taken any concurrent courses with AC. There are 4 basic things you will need to do: 1. Performance equivalent to a grade of C or better is recorded as Satisfactory. Performance equivalent to D or F is recorded as Unsatisfactory. Neither the S nor U grades are used in calculating the CSU grade point average; however, courses graded S may apply to graduation requirements. A student wanting to attend a class without earning credits may register as an auditor.

Auditing a course requires prior approval of the instructor of the course. Tuition and fees are assessed for audited credits. Audits do not count for full-time status for loan deferments, financial aid, etc.

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A student must be passing a course at the time an incomplete is requested unless the instructor determines there are extenuating circumstances to assign an incomplete to a student who is not passing the course. The instructor shall retain a copy of this statement in the grade records and provide copies to the student and the department head or designee.

Students will be notified to take action on Incomplete grades at the beginning of their anticipated graduation term. The student should not register for the course again to complete the coursework. After successful completion of the makeup requirements, incomplete grades will be changed by the instructor of record or the department head, in absence of the instructor of record.

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If only traditional grades "A" thru "F" exist, the Incomplete will roll to an "F". Faculty Council approved minutes March 6, If a student discontinues attending a class and has not officially dropped or withdrawn through RAMweb or the Office of the Registrar, the grade of F failure is recorded. Students may access their semester grades through RAMweb three business days after the week of final exams each term. Instructors are responsible for stating clearly the instructional objectives of the course at the beginning of each term and for evaluating student achievement in a manner consistent with these objectives.

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Students are responsible for maintaining standards of academic performance established for each course in which they are enrolled. Instructors are responsible for determining and assigning final course grades. The burden of proof, however, rests with the student to demonstrate that the grading decision was made on the basis of any of the following conditions. Faculty Council approved minutes May 4, Before making an appeal, the student should discuss the situation with the instructor s involved in the decision.

To appeal a grading decision, the student shall submit a written request to the department head.

The request must set forth the basis for the appeal, identifying one or more of the three criteria set forth above. The request must be submitted or postmarked, if mailed no later than thirty 30 calendar days after the first day of classes of the following spring semester for appeal of grades recorded for the fall, and no later than thirty 30 calendar days after the first day of classes of the following fall semester for grades received in the spring or summer semester.

Grading policy is governed by the Berkeley Academic Senate and each school or college. Grades are posted to the official transcript the day after instructor approval. Students can view their grades in CalCentral. Go here for detailed information on grading policies and regulations. Please note that the grades P, S, NP, U, I, and IP carry no grade points and the units in courses so graded are excluded in determination of the grade-point average.

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To do this, select the current term card and look at the GPA calculator. If you believe your instructor submitted an incorrect grade because of a clerical for example, computational or procedural error, please speak directly with your instructor. If you believe that your instructor has used nonacademic criteria for example, race, religion, gender, or politics in assigning your grade, you can appeal the grade.

Your next step is to try to resolve the issue by speaking with the department chair. If you cannot resolve your dispute informally, there is a formal procedure you can follow that is outlined in the Berkeley Academic Guide under "Academic Policies. Graduating Seniors: All incompletes required for graduation must be finished by the last day of finals in the term you are graduating.

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If you are unable to finish a course on time, you may request an extension from the Dean of your College or School prior to the completion deadline see "Resolve an Incomplete Grade" above.