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Sprinkled with high drama and comedy you are guaranteed a spooktacular tour. Edinburgh has been the home and inspiration of many great writers over the years. With a variety of literary tours available, locals can now step in the shoes of their favourite writers and discover the city through their eyes. A great place to start is the website of the Edinburgh City of Literature who have a superb range of events and tours designed to educate, entertain and amuse audiences.

Ian Rankin fans can have a go at piecing together the dark and mysterious jigsaw puzzles that make up Inspector Rebus case studies. If you are looking for the ultimate golf experience, Edinburgh boasts a wealth of superb courses. If the idea of having someone plan a day's or even a week's golfing in the capital appeals, with the added bonus that they will book everything from chauffeur car hire to the swankiest restaurants then the Ultimate Golf Service is on hand to do just that.

They will discuss your golfing skills and find the courses best suited to your abilities, taking into account your desire for sea views or stunning skyscapes. Who could resist an exhilarating tour of the city in a motorised trike complete with super cool leathers and hi-tech helmet with integrated sound system? A real head turner, Trike Tours experienced chauffeur will whizz you over city streets and bump you over cobbles whilst highlighting all the well known landmarks and pointing out some favourite hidden gems.

Be sure to check out their website to book a unique city centre sightseeing tour. Photography enthusiast? Edinburgh is a beautiful city and lends itself to stunning images of grand Georgian Streets, a beautiful cityscape, gorgeous gardens and quirky alleyways. What better way to explore the city and capture its magic than behind the lens of a camera with someone to help you pick out the key spots for creating a memorable photo gallery.

What better way to learn to get the best out of your camera whilst touring the city than in the experienced hands of a professional photographer? Find out how to compose the perfect photo, hear the stories behind the places being photographed and learn photography skills to take on all your travels to come.

It's a dark story about how we delude ourselves into violence, with a powerful final image. Is it cheating if you're fucking your old drinking buddy in a VR fighting game? That's the question that "Striking Vipers" sets out to answer.

It's kind of like Black Mirror 's own version of a marital drama, with a techno twist. Anthony Mackie is a middle-aged man, who's getting complacent with marriage and fatherhood. When his old drinking buddy played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II buys him a new VR fighting game, the two get into much more than mild animated violence. Soon, they're having sex as their two video game characters—played by Pom Klementieff and Ludi Lin.

But the relationship quickly develops into something beyond advanced sci-fi pornography, when the two men start to develop real-life feelings. Where it introduces interesting concepts about gender and sexuality and romance in a digital space, it leaves these topics disappointingly underdeveloped. The in-game visuals, however, are absolutely stunning. It's set in a world where everyone is constantly rating everyone else on a five-point rating scale, and a person's average rating ends up dictating how they're in turn treated by the people around them.

Netflix’s Dark Tourist: Japan investigating Fukushima tour episode

It's a classic social satire, incorporating our addiction to social media validation. It's in some ways a tad too simplistic, but as a nearly feature-length film, it's totally engaging. Andrew Scott—who you might remember as the hot priest from Fleabag —is an Uber-esque driver haunted by a traumatic event in his life. This Season Five episode follows his character, who waits outside of the London offices of a massive Facebook-type social media company waiting to pick up an employee.

The mystery unfolds in a tense hostage situation after Scott's character, Chris, kidnaps a Smithereens intern by gunpoint demanding to speak to the social media company's version of Jack Dorsey or Mark Zuckerberg.

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Scott's acting as a man broken by grief in a world obsessed with our phones is phenomenal, but the ending of this tense—sometimes hilarious—thriller feels like nothing more than an elaborate PSA. While the story in itself didn't turn into much at all no matter how you finished it , Black Mirror 's Bandersnatch is an experience unlike anything Netflix or TV or movies, for that matter, have pulled off before.

The choose-your-own-adventure format is impressively fluid, and the sheer amount of technical work that goes into execute this thing is absolutely stunning. Bandersnatch traps you in a maze of madness, one that tests your notion of free will as you make the character Stefan's decisions for him. In the end it's not about the story, it's about a postmodern experience that immerses the user in everything that Black Mirror is about. After her child almost goes missing at the park, Rosemarie Dewitt has her daughter implanted with a device that tracks her location and vital signs, as well as giving a view through her eyes.

Plus, it has the ability to pixelate anything that might be disturbing or cause too much stress. David Slade directs this pure apocalyptic horror thriller. It's a story about our social appetite for punishment, a recurring theme in the worlds of Black Mirror , that leaves viewers wrestling with their own thirst for so-called justice and the competing value of empathy.

DEAD OF THE NIGHT EASTER EGG GUIDE: Full Black Ops 4 Zombies Easter Egg Walkthrough Tutorial (DLC 1)

Not quite the darkest episode of Black Mirror , but not far off. Andrea Riseborough stars as a women with a dark secret from her past, which leads her to commit a series of increasingly disturbing acts, all in the name of perceived self-preservation. For four seasons Black Mirror had become pretty reliably dark. Day 1: Aloha Honolulu! Surfjack Hotel, Honolulu.

Day 2: Moonlight Squidding. Picnic Dinner, Snacks. Day 3: Sea Turtles and the North Shore.

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Lunch, Snacks. Day 4: Reef Restoration on Coconut Island. Picnic Lunch, Cocktails at La Mariana. Lunch, Dinner. Day 6: Farewell and Departure. Itineraries and daily schedules are subject to change. We expect to do everything listed in the itinerary, though the order may be rearranged based on weather or other local conditions. Share this trip with someone who would love it. Copy Link. Trip Leader. Sarah McAnulty. Sarah McAnulty is a rabidly enthusiastic squid biologist and marine conservation advocate.

She is the founder of Skype A Scientist as well as a Ph. Additional Info. Get our newsletter and get updates on our latest newest trips. This trip was an incredible experience from beginning to end. I enjoyed every moment of it and I will never forget it. Upcoming Departures. Jan 20—Jan 25, Booking and payment processing partners may vary with departure date. Please see our full Terms and Conditions here. If you still have questions about the trip, just ask. Email Us. Other Trips You Might Like. Puerto Rico. Joshua Tree.

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Join us as we venture deep into the High Desert, glimpsing massive sculptures, revitalizing domes, and fluorescent painted mountains along the way. New Orleans. Get to know the art, history, and dynamic culture of New Orleans—and the people who bring it to life. Santa Fe. Spend a weekend immersed in the rich history, deeply rooted tradition, and constantly evolving art-scape of northern New Mexico. Mexico City.