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The brains of people who are more extroverted work the opposite way. Excitement and stimulation — like engaging in a spirited conversation or giving a presentation — energizes people who are extroverted, rather than being overwhelming, Jagiellowicz says. It may be more likely that extroverts will feel comfortable in front of a crowd, but it still takes skill and practice to speak effectively in a way that engages your audience, North says.

Even in smaller, less formal situations you can train yourself to be a better communicator, she adds. It takes practice, preparation and it helps to get feedback, North says. But remembering these key principles is a good place to start in terms of becoming a better communicator in any situation. Even the biggest extroverts among us get the jitters from time to time, North explains.

7 Tips for Giving a Killer Speech

Feeling shy and nervous are feelings, not personality traits. And we all face such feelings when we find ourselves in situations that make us uncomfortable, North says. The trick is recognizing that nerves are normal and not letting them stop you from speaking confidently, North says. Remember, the point of giving a toast, a presentation or a speech is about communicating your message to your audience.

Be a More Confident Public Speaker

You have to give yourself to your audience. What do you need?

So what should you do?

How can I help you? Plan ahead.

Take the time to figure out the best way to tailor your message to your audience — what approach will keep your listeners attention and resonate with them? North asks.

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And craft a thoughtful conclusion so listeners leave remembering what the key points you want them to take away. The first thing you should do when asked to speak, is to grab a pen and a piece of paper or napkin - whatever you can find to write on. Jot down a few initial ideas, or even just a few words that you can expand upon during your speech.

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Next, think about what tone to speak in. For example, at a wedding you would speak informally and you can have fun with the speech, whereas at a business conference you would speak more formally and stick to a professional tone.

This is when it gets easy. For this impromptu speech, start by talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the subject topic then end with a conclusion. This will make your speech informative and enable you to talk for a longer period of time than the 5 Ws.

How To Speak In Public Like A Pro, Even If It's Your First Time

While you think, you could walk up and down the stage slightly as if you are letting your last point settle, ask if there are any questions, or ask for a glass of water. These techniques all buy you more time if your mind goes blank and save you and your audience from feeling awkward about a prolonged silence.

Storytelling is a powerful method of speaking and is an easy way of connecting with the audience.

  • #1: Up Your Public Speaking Game?
  • Focus Sheet for Speechwriting;
  • Extemporaneous Speaking.

Basically, talk about the event from an individual perspective, then a group or national perspective, and end with the bigger picture. Storytelling is a great method of speaking and an easy way of connecting with the audience. Impromptu speeches, by their nature, are hard to practice for.