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    Exiting your car lease gracefully

    Autos Express. Opening Intro - If you are in the market for a new car, leasing is an option you may want to consider. With leasing, you typically can afford a better car as your monthly payments come in lower. Take a 'Quik Clic' to Share!

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    Consumer Tips reference: about consumer financing guides. Bestseller No. View our FTC Disclosure for other affiliate information. Comprehensive Coverage : Physical damage protection is certainly not only in your best interest but also the leasing company's best interest.

    Comprehensive coverage protects against any kind of physical damage other than a collision. Hitting an animal, storm damage, fire, theft, vandalism, windshield damage, and more are all covered by comprehensive. Collision Coverage : Hitting any inanimate object is considered a collision. Back into a mailbox or garage is a collision.

    How to Lease a Used Car in 5 Steps

    Hitting a guard rail is a collision. Hitting another vehicle is also a collision. Collision coverage is almost always required by your leasing company. They want to make sure their collateral is fully repaired after any accident. The leasing company will then send you the bill for the coverage. You will be required to add the leasing company to your policy as a loss payee and additional insured.

    Ins and Outs of Leasing

    The leasing company owns the vehicle too. They are loaning it to you for a period of time for a set dollar amount. If something happens to the vehicle they want to know about it.

    If something changes on the car insurance policy, they want to know about it. Adding them to the policy as loss payee makes it so all changes are mailed to both you and the leasing company.

    Look Before You Lease: Secrets of Smart Vehicle Leasing Second Edition

    Adding them as additional insured will make it so all claim checks are made out to both you and the leasing company. It is very easy to add a loss payee and additional insured. All you need is to provide the correct mailing address your lease company designates to your car insurance agent. If this step is not done or is not done properly, the leasing company will notify you and if it is not updated they will purchase third party car insurance.

    Dec 7, If you don't know the leasing secrets to getting a good fair deal, a dealer will take A car dealer makes his money the same way on a lease as he does on a purchase. While most people know to try to negotiate a lower price when they. Find out the difference between leasing vs buying to help you decide which financial and author of "Look Before You Lease: Secrets to Smart Vehicle Leasing.

    Find out what the biggest car leasing scams are and how you can avoid them. Feb 1, If you're an expert when it comes to leasing cars, you probably don't have However, check the fine print of the lease ad to see if there are any.