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Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. What a great read! Of course it's a fantastic story but one never really knows. A woman CIA director getting kidnapped, let alone in the middle east, is not something that could really happen in real life but then, who knows? That is the premise of this book and it's quite compelling. Mitch Rapp is always there to provide drama and great suspense.

He gets his man in the end but boy, what a joy to read. I have read all his novels except one and to be honest, it's very difficult to read other writers who try to imitate his style because they can't do it. Flynn had a certain way of putting you in the middle of the action and immersing you in it. If you have watched one of the Bourne movies, it reads just like that. As you are reading the book, it unfolds like a movie.

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I read the book literally in one night. Stayed up until the "movie" was over. You won't be able to put this book down once you begin reading it. Vince Flynn is an imaginative and prolific writer who exhibits a true genius for research. His knowledge of the inner-workings of our government and its weak-points is impressive.

Equally impressive is his ability, willingness, and courage to "tell it like it is". In his series of Mitch Rapp novels, Vince Flynn grabs your attention and his face-paced story-telling style holds it in a vice-like grip. I found myself unable to put any of his novels down once I started them. Considering the fact that most of these novels run somewhere between and pages, this is no small feat for any author.

I have read every one of the Mitch Rapp novels and believe me when I say that there is not a bad apple on that tree.

Protect and Defend: Discover Malicious Traffic on Your Network

Each of these novels may be read as a stand-alone but you may find yourself with a better grasp of the overall flow of characters and events if you read them in proper sequence. By the way, the proper reading sequence cannot be determined by publication date alone as a couple of the Mitch Rapp novels were written more or less as prequels. Another page turner delivered by Vince Flynn. The Mitch Rapp series just keeps getting better and better. He takes charge, defying all political correctness.

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His quick thinking and superb tactical mind simply solves problems. He doesn't care what any of the power people of Washington think. He could care less about laws that protect terrorists and isn't afraid of breaking them to save lives. I love his "no nonsense" approach to problem solving.

Protect and Defend: Discover Malicious Traffic on Your Network

Mitch takes charge of an operation that goes terribly wrong and doesn't hesitate to cut straight through all the legalities of his actions to get results that are extremely time sensitive. No matter what anyone thinks of his tactics, not one of them can say he doesn't deliver results. This is the 10th book in the chronological order of the Rapp series.

It has proven to be just as exciting and fast paced as the previous novels. If your a Mitch Rapp fan then I don't have to tell you you won't be disappointed in this book. Being retired Military and having served in Vietnam I wish we had a President and members of their cabinet who had the balls to let loss the Military to fight the War without having their hands tied. It would also help to have Military leaders more interested in in winning and protecting their soldiers.

Another great story line with intriguing characters. I liked this book also because it delved into Iran and it's inner workings which is definitely more interesting considering some recent real life events. Rapp gets better with each book! Protect your users against multistage advanced threats that often exploit email to penetrate your IT defenses with Forcepoint Email Security. For additional information contact your Forcepoint CDM team.

She has more than 20 years of experience in the software development industry, the majority of that time focusing on cross domain and cybersecurity solutions for global government customers. Skip to main content. This website uses cookies. By continuing to browse this website, you accept our use of cookies and our Cookie Policy. Our Blog. Traditional solutions are limited and often lack the flexibility to scale and grow as your security needs increase.

Budget constraints is a common complaint from security professionals. However many of the tools that can solve problems in the enterprise are free. In this webinar we look at which aspects of your security program can benefit the most from these tools, and how to configure and use them. If you're still heavily relying on manual processes or struggling with a lack of skilled resources, tools and budget, you can look to automation and integration to help you improve your security operations. Automation of everyday security operations will simplify and streamline your team's workflow and allow them to put their skills to better use on more complex tasks.

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The ever-growing Internet of Things continues to pose security and privacy threats. How are businesses managing the risks associated with IoT devices on their networks? What are the best strategies for achieving basic security and cyber hygiene? As organisations advance their security posture and reduce risk, email security continues to be a critical concern.

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Between password leaks, brute force attacks and phishing, email credentials and actual email sends continue to be at jeopardy. Of further concern is that missing the initial compromise — often via email platforms — can enable the attacker to collect data and move laterally into more valuable environments.

With LogRhythm the data will be enriched, normalised and contextualised for efficient use in threat hunting and alarms. In this real training for free session, we will discuss the minimum toolset and data requirements and not necessarily volume you need for successful threat hunting.

We will take into account that while some of you can devote most of your time to threat hunting, most of us have limited time and resources for this activity. The good news is that threat hunting is flexible and anyone can do it, ranging from a few hours a week to full-time. You can dip your toe in the water with this type of hunt with a small commitment of time and resources or you can dive in deep with a major data collection and analysis effort.

Starting out simple means you just focus on EXE names; baseline the EXE names being executed on your network, and then perform a daily review of new EXE names showing up for the first time. You can get this information from event ID and the query capabilities are very light.

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We will take the same approach with a total of 7 types of threat hunting: Recognising suspicious software Scripting abuse AV follow-up Lateral movement Persistence DNS abuse Bait-the-bad-guy. Currently integrating with over three dozen Cisco products, LogRhythm provides centralised visibility and advanced security analytics across the Cisco-enabled environment and makes security events actionable in the network.

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Threats are evolving. Is your security? LogRhythm is a world leader in NextGen SIEM, empowering organisations to successfully reduce risk by rapidly detecting and responding to damaging cyberthreats.