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From varying angles, we become killer and victim, seeing the knife raised as if in religious judgment before coming down at Leigh and at us, again and again. The fact that Leigh is suddenly attacked and killed, and in such an intense way, has not lost its power to shock but must have been especially terrifying to viewers seeing the movie for the first time. The knife that penetrates her is a deadly phallic proxy.

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Credit is given to the wide-ranging cultural impact the original film has left on movies, television shows and music. In one archival sound recording, director Martin Scorsese explains that he modeled a fight sequence in his boxing movie Raging Bull after the shower scene in Psycho.

The 7th Victim is a cult film about a young woman named Mary, who, while looking for her missing sister, stumbles upon a satanic cult. The picture was produced by the legendary Val Lewton , remembered for the mysterious horror pictures he supervised in the s. Mary is portrayed by Kim Hunter, in her first film role.

Shower Scene

In one scene, as Mary is taking a shower, another figure walks in the bathroom. In a suspicious, not so vaguely threatening tone, this person encourages Mary to leave town.

The scene is largely shot from behind Mary, as she faces the person through the shower curtain.