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The joining of Realist methods with the theories of Marx, Darwin, and Spencer to reveal the larger forces biological, evolutionary, historical which move humankind, are exemplified here in the fiction of such writers as Jack London, Frank Norris, and Theodore Dreiser. See All Customer Reviews.

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Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Usually ships within 6 days. Overview During the pivotal period of America's international emergence, between the Civil War and WWI, the aligned literary movements of Realism and Naturalism not only shaped the national literature of the age, but also left an indelible and far-reaching influence on twentieth-century American and world literature.

Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. The Portable American Realism Reader 2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. Anonymous More than 1 year ago. Related Searches. Ayn Rand Reader. The Fountainhead, which became one of the most influential and widely read philosophical novels of The Fountainhead, which became one of the most influential and widely read philosophical novels of the twentieth century, made Ayn Rand famous. An impassioned proponent of reason, rational self-interest, individualism, and laissez-faire capitalism, she expressed her unique views in numerous View Product.

The book title is only on the spine and not on the cover. This allows you to track your readings privately even in a busy public place. Spirituality may be the most contentious and poorly understood dimension of Native American communities today. By this time, they were up to P79 the catalog number before the advent of the ISBN was a P followed by the number , although for some reason there was no P72 and that ISBN has been skipped — perhaps there was a Portable planned that got deleted. After this, the numbering is tracked by that three digit stretch in the ISBN.

Under this system, the numbering would eventually grow to , though there would be some irregularities several numbers are skipped and four of the numbers in the eighties were assigned to a four book series called the Portable Library American Literature Survey. They also started to give out new numbers to later editions, rather than releasing revised versions with the same number.

We also ended up with non-portable titles with the same content as the Portables. The design also began to change again. Starting with 91, The Portable Tolstoy published in , the covers were changed to a different type of cover — usually blue, with a consistent spine that said The Viking Portable Library at the top, followed by the author and then an ISBN with a penguin surrounded by an orange circle at the bottom.

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This version lasted through the eighties and by the end, we were up to Then the Portables became considerably less portable, with the books now being printed in trade paper size. It allowed for a better binding and the books stayed together better, but they were not quite the style that was originally intended. The numbering also stopped with T he Portable Darwin , published in Finally, one more redesign was added after the millenium, with the Portables becoming consistent with the current Penguin Classic design, with all book spines and designs.

Chesnutt , was published in To get a good idea of the various covers through the years, you can go here , though they make some odd choices of the main cover to show and the list is incomplete. Many of the Portables are now out of print, though they are easy to find at many used bookstores. And many of them are still in print and easy to buy or order from any decent bookstore. Some bookstores even keep them shelved together in the Boston area this most notably includes Bryn Mawr Books , a used bookstore which shelves them all together and New England Mobile Book Fair , which shelves things by publisher.

They are still a great way to collect classic texts. They of course, serve the whole course of literary history, beginning with the Greeks and including many of the greatest writers of the 20th Century. Interestingly, though, there are some glaring omissions. For a long time, Chekhov was the only Russian writer included and there is still no Dostoevsky.

Nabokov, Greene and Bellow are all in the catalog though only Greene is still in print , but Philip Roth and John Updike are notable omissions among the great late 20th Century writers whose work easily adapts to such a style presumably because of licensing issues and no list of great writers would be complete without Camus, Kafka or Virginia Woolf, none of whom are included. My current goal is simply to get one of each. When put in a spreadsheet, there are of them and I have 77 of them, with another 10 eliminated because I have a different version.

That just leaves 34 to get. There are essentially five styles — the hardcover, the sail, the penguin blue cover , the white trade all four of these are faced out in the Faulkner picture and the black trade. There are a few variations the penguin with the ISBN and a few of them were printed in a hardcover version later in the print run — apparently they were licensed to Random House to do these print runs, either as remainders or for schools.

Of the titles I have, they break down this way. Anyway, here is the printing history for the complete list. Hopefully I can inspire some people to collect a truly great set. This is what bookcases are for.

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To hold sets like this. The titles listed in bold are titles I have in format or another. Those that have links are those currently available through the Booksmith. It is not a definitive list of those that are currently in print, but it is close enough. Excellent article. Any chance you can weigh your different Faulkners? Thanks for the article! Tough and sturdy, great for throwing into a knapsack. Have you ever run across any vintage promotional materials from Viking? I know Modern Library had specially made display cases for their books, I wonder if Viking ever did such a thing?

Ah well, nice to geek out with another collector. I have seen pictures of the Modern Library bookcases. They are one of my dream purchases. And since I did the article I found the other four poetry volumes, first editions all, in a bargain used bookstore here in Boston. I actually saw a Modern Library bookcase in San Diego.

The bookcase was upstairs and was stocked with plenty of used Modern Library editions. I paid a lot for them too. At the time they were rare too me, but of course I see them all the time now. I wish there was more information on the editions that were never produced. It would be interesting to know what was planned for Lame joke I know.

You should check out the Strand in NYC, perhaps just using the website. They usually have lots of Portables in all 5 designs, even hardcovers with dustjackets [not necessarily mint, of course]. Great article and information, thanks! If anything is a classics in a series like this one, I want to collect it, unless perhaps I have the work by another publisher.

My favorite format is the early flexible covers. Hi I was wondering if I might have permission to use a photo of your portable books. Thank you very much for this excellent site on the Viking Portable Library. I really appreciate the numbering list, great work. It has helped me as I continue to update my own extensive collection. I wanted to advise everyone that I just purchased on eBay Portable It is called The Portable Bernard Shaw.

The Portable American Realism Reader

It contains pages, edited, with an introduction and notes, by Stainley Weintraub. The spine includes the Viking ship with 83 in the sail. My copy is in perfect, near new conditon. Published , ISBN I am curious why book 90 also carries the same title. Again, I than you for your research, a look forward to future updates. Currently, I have 37, including the complete Poets of the English Language all in DJs with severely faded spines, and all , Hemingway second printing , a nearly mint-condition Woollcott, and one paperback: the Medieval Reader, which I found in a store with a nice, bright colorful cover, so I put it on the shelf.

My collecting actually started with volumes of the Modern Library my mother had used in college. These fill the bookcases in my study, but the Vikings have their own place of honor.

Thank you, for the link to this article via LibraryThing. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Of my prized collection, I must confess that I have let a few slip away, but the current roster is 47 strong. If I get the urge someday, I might start collecting duplicates from this period- with design and illustration typical of that period and superior to book design in general today. About a third of my collection were found in used bookstores in Oklahoma City where I grew up and lived for several years.

The rest were picked up on random road trips and vacations from coast to coast with one find in Toronto: The Roman Reader I have a feeling my memory is not so unique among bibliophiles in this regard. My collection is currently shelved in a barrister bookcase in doubled rows to make space for my other book series obsession… yes you guessed it… The Modern Library. I have more windy commentary about my ML collection but shall spare you… for now.

Oh just one more thing to illustrate my obsession for the halcyon days of Viking Portable. The Portable Baseball Reader 2. The Portable Jazz Reader 3. The Portable Film Reader 4. The Portable Raymond Chandler 5.