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We'll see.

See a Problem?

Wait a minute. That can't be right. Rom, you forgot to include the profit for the wine franchise.

Where's Moogie Hiding? by Alison Wellman

But you told me Go get them. Yes, brother. You'll have to excuse Rom. He means well but he can be a lobeless idiot sometimes. Please provide a dermal imprint for FCA records. You haven't told me what l'm charged with. How rude of me. For your trouble.

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You're being charged with violating Ferengi Trade By-Laws, subsection 1 , paragraph 3. You need a copy of the by-laws. Which you just happen to have. Subsection 1 , paragraph 3. You are being held accountable for the criminal activities of lshka, daughter of Adred, wife of Keldar. You mean our mother. What's she done?

She's charged with Earning profit? Our Moogie? Odo, l'm holding you responsible for the safety of my bar for as long as l'm off the station. A little trouble with the FCA? How do you know? All l've got to do is get my mother to confess to her crimes. That is what l'm going to do. Assuming she cooperates.

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She'd better. This is your mother? Don't remind me. Chief O'Brien wants to know when you can inspect the new runabout. Tell him l want to name it the Rubicon. The rate we go through runabouts, it's a good thing the Earth has so many rivers. Have you met her yet? Are you going to ask her out for dinner?

Read e-book Wheres Moogie Hiding

What did you think about her? Let me put it this way. That's one of the reasons l'm glad you're not Curzon any more. Brother, wait. What did l tell you about contradicting me? You're going to watch over the bar while l'm gone. The bar's closed. There's no reason why l can't come. Yes, l mean Moogie. Stop calling her by that infantile nickname. You always take her side. Somebody has to. After all, she is our mother. Come if you want.

Just remember one thing: this is between Moog Mother and me. Welcome to our home. Place your imprint on the legal waivers and deposit your admission fee in the box by the door.

You haven't been here in 20 years. Mother has been acquiring quite a few new things. Doubtless with the generous stipend you give her. The latinum tooth-sharpener l used when we were children. All l had was a wooden chew stick.

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Excuse me for interrupting, but we have business to attend to. You have three days to obtain an admission of guilt. Do you understand? He understands. Not that it matters. You look well. And you look Your mother is wearing clothes.

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Mother, get undressed this instant. Hello, Quark. You haven't changed a bit.

This is my home and l'll speak to whomever l want. He's a stranger and you're a female.

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Perhaps you do, but l will not stand here and be spoken to by a female. You have three days to get your house in order. See what you've done? You're upsetting your brother. He's not the only one who's upset. Not that anyone cares how l feel. That's not true.


Then imprint this and take off those clothes. You're going to make a full confession so l can go back to my bar. We're leaving so soon?